Would You Date BTS Kim Taehyung? Compatibility Level Test

Are you a match made in K-pop heaven with BTS’s Kim Taehyung? Take this fun and trendy quiz to discover your compatibility level with the charming and talented V.


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    If you and V were cooking a meal together, what role would you take in the kitchen?

    • A. The sous chef – assisting V with chopping and prepping ingredients.
    • B. The taste tester – making sure the flavors are perfect at every step.
    • C. The creative chef – experimenting with unique flavors and presentations.
    • D. The organizer – ensuring a smooth workflow and a clean kitchen.
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    How would you feel if you found out that V has been secretly learning your native language?

    • A. Thrilled and impressed, appreciating the effort he put into it.
    • B. Surprised and touched, feeling a deep connection through language.
    • C. Amused and entertained, enjoying his attempts to speak fluently.
    • D. Overjoyed and proud, seeing it as a gesture of love and commitment.
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    When it comes to fashion, your style is most similar to:

    • A. Streetwear – embracing the latest trends with a touch of urban flair.
    • B. Bohemian – flowing and free-spirited, inspired by nature and culture.
    • C. Vintage – incorporating timeless pieces with a retro twist.
    • D. Classic – elegant and sophisticated, with a timeless appeal.
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    Get ready for this community challenge! You and V are participating in a dance challenge on TikTok. Which dance routine would you choose?

    • A. The “Savage Love” dance – showcasing your fierce and confident moves.
    • B. The “Renegade” dance – displaying your precision and coordination.
    • C. The “Say So” dance – highlighting your smooth and groovy style.
    • D. The “Blinding Lights” dance – capturing your energetic and fun-loving spirit.
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    Your ideal pet would be similar to V in which way?

    • A. Energetic and playful, always ready for an adventure.
    • B. Independent and mysterious, with a unique personality.
    • C. Creative and expressive, making every day colorful.
    • D. Loyal and affectionate, offering unconditional love.
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    Which of these BTS songs resonates with you the most?

    • A. “Dope” – the energetic anthem that gets you hyped up.
    • B. “Singularity” – the soulful track that speaks to your inner emotions.
    • C. “Blood Sweat & Tears” – the sensual and captivating masterpiece.
    • D. “Spring Day” – the bittersweet ballad that touches your heart.
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    If you could learn one skill from V, what would it be?

    • A. His ability to make anyone feel comfortable and at ease.
    • B. His talent for capturing breathtaking photographs.
    • C. His dance moves that exude charisma and grace.
    • D. His fashion sense that effortlessly combines trends and personal style.
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    Your ideal date with V would include:

    • A. Attending a concert or music festival, immersed in the energy of live music.
    • B. Going on a spontaneous adventure, exploring hidden gems in your city.
    • C. Taking a relaxing stroll on the beach, enjoying the sunset hand in hand.
    • D. Having a cozy night in, cuddling while watching your favorite movies.
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    This question needs a simple background substitution! Imagine you and V are stranded on a deserted island. What would you do to pass the time?

    • A. Build a shelter and explore the island’s natural wonders.
    • B. Create art together using materials found on the island.
    • C. Sing and dance, putting on impromptu performances.
    • D. Share stories and deep conversations to strengthen your bond.
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    You’re at a BTS concert, and V notices you in the crowd. How would you react?

    • A. Scream at the top of your lungs and wave frantically.
    • B. Smile and wave back, trying to keep your cool.
    • C. Blush and look away, feeling shy and flustered.
    • D. Freeze and pretend not to notice, feeling too nervous.
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    Which of these personality traits do you find most attractive in V?

    • A. His playful and mischievous nature that brings a smile to your face.
    • B. His mysterious and enigmatic aura that intrigues you endlessly.
    • C. His artistic and creative talent that ignites your own inspiration.
    • D. His caring and compassionate heart that makes you feel cherished.
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    If V serenaded you with a song, what genre would you hope he’d choose?

    • A. R&B – a smooth and soulful melody to set the romantic mood.
    • B. Pop – an upbeat and catchy tune to dance and sing along to.
    • C. Indie – a heartfelt and introspective composition for a deep connection.
    • D. Ballad – a tender and emotional serenade to touch your heart.
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    Get ready for this hot play! You’re attending a costume party with V. What would your couple’s costume be?

    • A. Bonnie and Clyde – embracing the rebellious and adventurous spirit.
    • B. Romeo and Juliet – capturing the timeless essence of romance.
    • C. Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera – celebrating art and individuality.
    • D. Mickey and Minnie Mouse – embodying classic charm and playfulness.
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    If you and V were planning a weekend getaway, which destination would you suggest?

    • A. A vibrant and bustling city with trendy shopping districts.
    • B. A peaceful countryside retreat surrounded by nature’s tranquility.
    • C. A culturally rich location with historical landmarks and museums.
    • D. A tropical paradise with white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters.
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    Your favorite fictional character is similar to V in which way?

    • A. They both have a charming and mischievous personality.
    • B. They possess a mysterious aura and deep inner thoughts.
    • C. They’re known for their artistic talent and creative expressions.
    • D. They have a warm and caring nature, always looking out for others.
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    The BTS members invite you to join them for a game night. Which game would you choose to play?

    • A. Charades – acting out hilarious K-drama scenes and BTS songs.
    • B. Trivia – testing your knowledge about BTS and their music.
    • C. Just Dance – grooving to K-pop hits and showing off your moves.
    • D. Card games – challenging everyone with your strategic skills.
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    It’s V’s birthday! How would you surprise him with a special gift?

    • A. Organize a surprise party with all his friends and BTS members.
    • B. Write him a heartfelt letter expressing your admiration and love.
    • C. Plan a romantic candlelit dinner, just the two of you.
    • D. Create a personalized video montage of your favorite moments together.
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    If you were to go on a date with V, what kind of activity would you prefer?

    • A. Trying out a new trendy restaurant and taking cute food pictures.
    • B. Going for a long walk in a beautiful park, enjoying nature’s beauty.
    • C. Visiting an art gallery or museum, appreciating creativity together.
    • D. Watching a movie at home, snuggled up on the couch with popcorn.

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