Which BTS Boy Will Be Attracted By You?

Find out which BTS member is most likely to be attracted to you with this fun and interactive quiz! Let’s dive into the world of BTS and explore your potential connection!


  • Question of

    What type of food or cuisine appeals to your taste buds the most?

    • A. Asian (Korean, Japanese, Thai, etc.)
    • B. Italian/Mediterranean
    • C. Mexican/Latin American
    • D. Fast food/American
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    How would you describe your overall vibe and energy?

    • A. Calm and introspective, radiating a sense of inner peace
    • B. Warm and comforting, making others feel at ease in your presence
    • C. Dynamic and energetic, always ready for the next adventure
    • D. Playful and spontaneous, bringing joy and laughter wherever you go
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    Picture yourself having a heart-to-heart conversation with a BTS member. What topic would you be most eager to discuss?

    • A. Philosophical concepts and deep thoughts
    • B. Personal growth and overcoming challenges
    • C. Dreams, aspirations, and future plans
    • D. Funny anecdotes and memorable experiences
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    Imagine you’re at a BTS concert. What role would you play in the fan chants and cheering?

    • A. The energetic hype leader, rallying everyone with enthusiasm
    • B. The passionate singer, belting out every lyric with all your heart
    • C. The supportive harmonizer, adding your voice to the crowd’s melody
    • D. The excited dancer, following the choreography with precision
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    Oh, BTS songs are such a vibe! Which member’s solo track resonates with you the most?

    • A. RM – “Intro: Persona”
    • B. Suga – “Interlude: Shadow”
    • C. J-Hope – “Chicken Noodle Soup”
    • D. V – “Singularity”
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    Which BTS song resonates with you the most?

    • A. “Blood Sweat & Tears”
    • B. “Spring Day”
    • C. “IDOL”
    • D. “Dope”
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    What is your favorite season of the year?

    • A. Spring
    • B. Summer
    • C. Autumn/Fall
    • D. Winter
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    How do you like to express your creativity?

    • A. Through writing or journaling
    • B. Through visual arts (drawing, painting, etc.)
    • C. Through music or playing an instrument
    • D. Through fashion and personal style
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    Which personality trait do you value the most in a romantic partner?

    • A. Intelligence and intellectual compatibility
    • B. Compassion and empathy
    • C. Ambition and drive
    • D. Lightheartedness and sense of humor
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    When it comes to music, which genre resonates with you the most?

    • A. Pop
    • B. R&B/Soul
    • C. Hip Hop/Rap
    • D. Rock/Alternative
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    How do you handle stressful situations?

    • A. Analyzing and planning a solution
    • B. Seeking emotional support from loved ones
    • C. Taking a break and practicing self-care
    • D. Using humor to lighten the mood
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    What type of movies or TV shows do you enjoy watching?

    • A. Action/Adventure
    • B. Romantic/Chick flicks
    • C. Psychological/Thrillers
    • D. Comedy/Sitcoms
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    If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

    • A. Historical and cultural landmarks
    • B. Serene beach destinations
    • C. Vibrant cities with a bustling nightlife
    • D. Picturesque natural landscapes
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    What is your preferred mode of exercise or physical activity?

    • A. Yoga or meditation
    • B. Dancing or aerobics
    • C. Weightlifting or strength training
    • D. Team sports or outdoor activities
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    Which social cause or issue is closest to your heart?

    • A. Environmental conservation and sustainability
    • B. Mental health awareness and support
    • C. Gender equality and women’s rights
    • D. Animal rights and welfare
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    In your free time, what activity brings you the most joy?

    • A. Engaging in creative hobbies (painting, writing, etc.)
    • B. Spending time with loved ones/friends
    • C. Working on personal goals/projects
    • D. Watching movies or TV shows
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    What type of books do you enjoy reading the most?

    • A. Mystery/Thriller
    • B. Romance/Drama
    • C. Non-fiction/Self-help
    • D. Comedy/Humor
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    Which quality do you admire the most in a person?

    • A. Intelligence and wit
    • B. Kindness and empathy
    • C. Confidence and ambition
    • D. Sense of humor and playfulness

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