Which BTS Boy Is Your Real Ideal Type?

Are you curious to know which BTS member is your real ideal type? Find out if you’re a perfect match for RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, or Jungkook!


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    Which BTS member’s fashion style do you like the most?

    • A. RM’s streetwear
    • B. Jin’s clean look
    • C. Suga’s laid-back style
    • D. J-Hope’s colorful outfits
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    What type of performance do you enjoy watching?

    • A. Powerful rap
    • B. Impressive vocals
    • C. Smooth dancing
    • D. Energetic stage presence
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    How would you describe your ideal partner’s personality?

    • A. Intellectual
    • B. Caring
    • C. Independent
    • D. Humorous
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    What cuisine do you prefer?

    • A. Korean
    • B. Italian
    • C. Japanese
    • D. American
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    What’s your favorite type of weather?

    • A. Sunny
    • B. Cool
    • C. Rainy
    • D. Snowy
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    Which type of movie would you rather watch with your ideal partner?

    • A. Action
    • B. Romance
    • C. Thriller
    • D. Comedy
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    What song do you pick to sing on a karaoke night?

    • A. Upbeat pop
    • B. Heartfelt ballad
    • C. Catchy hip-hop
    • D. Classic rock
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    What kind of pet would you like to have together?

    • A. Playful puppy
    • B. Affectionate cat
    • C. Low-maintenance hamster
    • D. Unique reptile
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    Which color combination do you find the most appealing?

    • A. Monochromatic
    • B. Bright colors
    • C. Soft pastels
    • D. Dark hues
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    Which physical activity do you enjoy the most?

    • A. Hiking
    • B. Swimming
    • C. Dancing
    • D. Running
  • Question of

    What type of books do you enjoy reading?

    • A. Biographies
    • B. Romance novels
    • C. Mystery or crime
    • D. Science fiction or fantasy
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    Which season is your favorite?

    • A. Spring
    • B. Summer
    • C. Autumn
    • D. Winter
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    What kind of music festival would you like to attend?

    • A. Hip-hop and rap
    • B. Pop and mainstream
    • C. Indie and alternative
    • D. Rock and metal
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    Which type of art do you appreciate the most?

    • A. Sculpture
    • B. Painting
    • C. Photography
    • D. Street art
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    How do you like to express your creativity?

    • A. Writing
    • B. Drawing or painting
    • C. Dancing or choreography
    • D. Singing or playing a musical instrument

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