Test Your Expertise In Financial Planning And Wealth Management

Think you’ve got a knack for finance and wealth management? Take this totally trending, fun-filled quiz that’ll challenge your money smarts, put your financial planning expertise to the test and give you the lowdown on your wealth management game!


  • Question of

    Your favorite investment vehicle is:

    • A. Diverse portfolio – Stocks, bonds, real estate
    • B. Safe bets like bonds
    • C. Risky assets like stocks
    • D. Investment what now?
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    What’s your response to the idea of financial freedom?

    • A. It’s the ultimate goal
    • B. It would be nice
    • C. I’m not sure what that is
    • D. Money doesn’t buy happiness
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    How often do you check your bank statements?

    • A. Weekly or more often
    • B. Monthly
    • C. Only when there’s an issue
    • D. Statements? Aren’t they just in the app?
  • Question of

    How would you fund your dream vacation?

    • A. Save up over time
    • B. Dip into my savings
    • C. Credit card it
    • D. Dream vacation? I’d rather buy stuff
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    Your favorite money-saving hack is:

    • A. Cutting down on unnecessary expenses
    • B. Using cashback and discount codes
    • C. Skipping breakfast
    • D. Money-saving what?
  • Question of

    How do you view your financial future?

    • A. Confident and excited
    • B. Hopeful but uncertain
    • C. Worried
    • D. Future? I’m living for the now
  • Question of

    Your favorite way to learn about finance is:

    • A. Reading financial literature, attending workshops, webinars
    • B. Consulting with financial advisor
    • C. Asking friends and family
    • D. Finance? I prefer fantasy novels
  • Question of

    What’s your take on insurance?

    • A. It’s a must-have
    • B. It’s useful for some situations
    • C. It’s too expensive
    • D. It’s a scam
  • Question of

    How do you feel about budgeting?

    • A. It’s an absolute necessity
    • B. It’s helpful, but not always needed
    • C. I prefer to live in the moment
    • D. Budgeting is for people who can’t have fun
  • Question of

    When you hear “diversification,” what’s your first thought?

    • A. Spreading investments across various assets
    • B. Balancing my checkbook
    • C. A type of gardening
    • D. A new dance trend on TikTok
  • Question of

    Your view on retirement saving is:

    • A. Start early and save consistently
    • B. I’ll start once I hit 30
    • C. I’m still too young to think about it
    • D. Retirement is a myth
  • Question of

    How do you handle debts?

    • A. Pay them off ASAP
    • B. Follow a strict repayment plan
    • C. Minimum payments only
    • D. Debt, what debt?
  • Question of

    Your favorite time to invest is:

    • A. As soon as I have money available
    • B. After consulting with my financial advisor
    • C. When the market is in a dip
    • D. What does ‘invest’ mean again?
  • Question of

    How often do you reassess your financial goals?

    • A. Quarterly or more often
    • B. Once a year
    • C. When I remember to do so
    • D. You’re supposed to reassess?
  • Question of

    How do you prepare for an unexpected financial crisis?

    • A. An emergency fund is ready
    • B. Rely on credit cards
    • C. Tap into my investments
    • D. Crisis? I’ll think about it when it comes
  • Question of

    Your favorite shopping spree happens when:

    • A. It’s a well-planned, budgeted affair
    • B. There’s a significant sale going on
    • C. You’ve had a bad day
    • D. Paycheck lands
  • Question of

    Your BFF’s latest financial advice is to invest in bitcoin. Your reaction is?

    • A. Research, then decide whether it’s a good fit for me
    • B. I might give it a go
    • C. Buy it all right now
    • D. Cryptowhaaat?
  • Question of

    How familiar are you with “compounding interest”?

    • A. Oh, that’s my favorite part about saving!
    • B. I’ve heard of it, but need to learn more.
    • C. Isn’t that a chemistry term?
    • D. I’m sorry, say again?

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