Plan Weddings For These Disney Princesses And We’ll Reveal The Exact Date You’ll Get Married

Do you ever dream about planning magical weddings for Disney princesses? Step into a whole new world with this super fun quiz!


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    What unique element would you add to Pocahontas’ wedding?

    • A. Native American rituals
    • B. An outdoor woodland ceremony
    • C. Canoe ride for the couple post-wedding
    • D. Standard church wedding
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    What’s your favorite part of a Disney princess wedding?

    • A. The magical love story
    • B. The elaborate decorations
    • C. The fantastic dresses
    • D. The happily ever after party
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    For Alice’s wedding, how would you incorporate the Wonderland theme?

    • A. A Mad Hatter tea party reception
    • B. Rabbit hole entrance
    • C. Playing card place settings
    • D. A few whimsical decorations here and there
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    How would you add a touch of magic to Tinkerbell’s wedding?

    • A. Pixie dust in the wedding invitations
    • B. A fairy-themed wedding cake
    • C. Fireflies for a nighttime glow
    • D. No magic, just a traditional wedding
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    What would be the centerpiece at Aurora’s reception?

    • A. Enchanted roses under a glass dome
    • B. Spinning wheel inspired centerpieces
    • C. Elegant candelabras
    • D. Simple floral arrangements
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    How do you ensure Anna and Kristoff’s love for adventure comes through their wedding?

    • A. A mountaintop ceremony
    • B. An adventure map for a seating chart
    • C. Adventurous dance-off
    • D. Standard banquet with a few personal touches
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    For Moana’s wedding, what’s the main color scheme?

    • A. Ocean blue and sandy beige
    • B. Tropical vibrant colors
    • C. Soft pastels
    • D. Traditional white and green
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    Elsa’s wedding is in the winter, how do you keep guests warm?

    • A. Provide warm cloaks and blankets
    • B. Serve hot cocoa and warm treats
    • C. Have fireplaces around the venue
    • D. A short, swift ceremony and then indoors
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    How do you incorporate Merida’s passion for archery in her wedding?

    • A. Archery contest for guests
    • B. Bouquet made of arrows
    • C. Wedding invitations shaped like arrows
    • D. No need, it’s her day off from archery
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    You’re planning a grand entrance for Cinderella, what do you choose?

    • A. A horse-drawn crystal carriage
    • B. An elegant footman escorted entrance
    • C. A classic car arrival
    • D. She walks in, simple and charming
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    For Sleeping Beauty, when do you schedule the wedding?

    • A. Dawn, as the sun rises
    • B. Late morning, before lunch
    • C. Afternoon
    • D. Evening
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    Mulan requests a meaningful wedding favor, what’s your idea?

    • A. Personalized dragon charms
    • B. Fortune cookies with special messages
    • C. Blossom seeds to plant
    • D. Standard almonds in a cute bag
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    What type of food would you serve at Tiana’s wedding?

    • A. New Orleans cuisine
    • B. A fusion of various world cuisines
    • C. Classic wedding banquet menu
    • D. Fast food – it’s their guilty pleasure
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    How would you style Snow White for her wedding day?

    • A. Inspired by nature with a floral crown
    • B. Classic white gown with blue and red accents
    • C. A modern dress with a traditional twist
    • D. Casual chic
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    Jasmine needs help choosing the entertainment, what do you suggest?

    • A. Magic carpet ride for the guests
    • B. Fireworks display
    • C. Belly dancing performance
    • D. Traditional wedding band
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    Rapunzel wants to surprise Flynn, what’s your plan?

    • A. Lantern ceremony post-vows
    • B. A mural painted by Rapunzel as a backdrop
    • C. Duet performance of “I See the Light”
    • D. Rapunzel baking their wedding cake
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    For Belle’s wedding, what’s the theme?

    • A. Enchanted forest
    • B. Vintage library setting
    • C. Classic elegance
    • D. Small town charm
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    Ariel wants a unique wedding venue, where would you suggest?

    • A. Underwater crystal palace
    • B. Beachfront
    • C. Yacht sailing on the sea
    • D. Traditional church

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