Is He Losing Interest In You?

Take this interactive quiz to find out if your crush or partner is losing interest in you. Discover valuable insights about your relationship and gain clarity on the signals that may indicate a change in their feelings.


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    How does he react when you bring up concerns or relationship issues?

    • A. He listens, validates my feelings, and works on resolving them.
    • B. He listens, but there’s little effort to address the issues.
    • C. He dismisses or downplays my concerns.
    • D. He avoids discussing problems altogether.
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    How does he respond when you express your emotional needs or seek reassurance?

    • A. He listens, reassures me, and makes an effort to meet my needs.
    • B. Sometimes he listens but struggles to meet my emotional needs.
    • C. He dismisses or invalidates my emotional needs.
    • D. He shows little to no interest in addressing my emotional needs.
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    Has he stopped showing affection or become less affectionate overall?

    • A. No, he’s still affectionate and loving.
    • B. It’s inconsistent, sometimes more affectionate, other times less.
    • C. Yes, there’s a noticeable decrease in affection.
    • D. He rarely shows affection or displays little physical intimacy.
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    How often does he prioritize spending time with his friends or other activities over you?

    • A. Rarely, he prioritizes our time together.
    • B. Sometimes, but it’s a balanced approach.
    • C. Frequently, he consistently chooses other activities over me.
    • D. He consistently prioritizes others and neglects our time together.
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    How often does he seem emotionally distant or closed off when you try to connect on a deeper level?

    • A. Rarely, he’s open and receptive to deep conversations.
    • B. Sometimes, but it’s not constant.
    • C. Frequently, he seems emotionally distant or unresponsive.
    • D. He consistently avoids emotional connection or shuts down.
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    Does he make future plans or talk about your future together?

    • A. Yes, he actively discusses and makes plans for our future.
    • B. Occasionally, but it’s not a consistent topic of conversation.
    • C. Rarely, he seldom talks about our future.
    • D. He avoids discussing the future or makes no plans involving you.
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    Have you noticed a change in his enthusiasm or effort in the relationship?

    • A. No, he’s consistently enthusiastic and puts effort into our relationship.
    • B. Sometimes, he’s less enthusiastic, but still makes an effort.
    • C. Yes, there’s a noticeable decrease in enthusiasm and effort.
    • D. He shows little to no enthusiasm or effort anymore.
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    How does he introduce you to others or include you in his social circles?

    • A. He proudly introduces me and includes me in his life.
    • B. It varies; sometimes he introduces me, other times not.
    • C. He rarely introduces me or includes me in social situations.
    • D. He avoids introducing me or keeping me involved in his life.
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    How often does he seem more focused on his phone or other distractions when you’re together?

    • A. Rarely, he gives me his undivided attention.
    • B. Sometimes, but it’s not constant.
    • C. Frequently, he seems more interested in other things.
    • D. He’s constantly distracted and pays little attention to me.
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    How often does he initiate conversations with you?

    • A. He always takes the lead and loves talking to me.
    • B. It’s mostly a balanced effort between us.
    • C. He rarely initiates conversations; I’m usually the one starting.
    • D. He rarely shows interest in talking to me.
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    Do you feel like you’re constantly trying to impress or win his attention?

    • A. No, he appreciates me for who I am.
    • B. Occasionally, but it’s balanced in our relationship.
    • C. Yes, I feel like I have to constantly prove myself.
    • D. He doesn’t seem interested in being impressed or paying attention.
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    Simple background substitution: How often does he show interest in your life and actively listen when you share?

    • A. Always, he genuinely cares and pays attention.
    • B. Sometimes, but not consistently.
    • C. Rarely, he seems disinterested or dismissive.
    • D. He rarely shows interest or listens attentively.
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    How often does he cancel plans or make excuses not to see you?

    • A. Rarely, he prioritizes spending time with me.
    • B. Sometimes, but it’s usually for valid reasons.
    • C. Frequently, he often cancels or avoids making plans.
    • D. He consistently cancels or makes excuses not to see me.
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    Have you noticed any changes in his attitude or behavior towards you?

    • A. No, he’s consistently loving and caring.
    • B. There are occasional changes, but nothing major.
    • C. Yes, he’s become more distant or less interested.
    • D. He has noticeably changed and seems disinterested.
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    How does he respond to your affection or physical touch?

    • A. He reciprocates with warmth and affection.
    • B. It varies; sometimes he responds, other times not so much.
    • C. He seems distant or uncomfortable with physical touch.
    • D. He pulls away or avoids physical intimacy altogether.
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    Do you still go on dates or spend quality time together?

    • A. Yes, we regularly plan and enjoy special moments together.
    • B. Occasionally, but it feels less frequent than before.
    • C. Rarely, we seldom spend quality time together.
    • D. We hardly go on dates or spend time together anymore.
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    When you’re together, does he seem engaged and present?

    • A. Yes, he’s fully present and attentive to our conversations.
    • B. He’s usually engaged, but sometimes seems distracted.
    • C. He often seems distant or preoccupied.
    • D. He shows little interest and seems unengaged.
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    Have you noticed a decrease in the frequency of his texts or calls?

    • A. No, he’s consistently attentive and responsive.
    • B. Sometimes, but there’s still regular communication.
    • C. Yes, he takes longer to reply and seems distant.
    • D. He hardly responds or initiates communication anymore.

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