Friends Quiz: Can You Remember These Obscure Details From Friends?

Do you think you’re the ultimate Friends fan? Dive into this quiz, test your knowledge on obscure details, and see how well you really know the beloved sitcom!


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    What are the names of Rachel’s sisters?

    • A. Jill and Amy
    • B. Jill and Emily
    • C. Emily and Amy
    • D. Jill and Lisa
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    How many roses did Ross send Emily?

    • A. 72
    • B. 100
    • C. 50
    • D. 25
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    Who was Monica’s first boyfriend on the show?

    • A. Richard
    • B. Chandler
    • C. Pete
    • D. Ross
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    What’s the name of Joey’s boat?

    • A. Mr. Beaumont
    • B. Mr. Chandler
    • C. Mr. Tribbiani
    • D. Mr. Bing
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    In what city does Chandler end up after a work trip on Christmas?

    • A. London
    • B. Tokyo
    • C. Tulsa
    • D. Toronto
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    Who was Monica’s first roommate before Rachel moved in?

    • A. Janice
    • B. Phoebe
    • C. Ross
    • D. Chandler
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    What does Phoebe hate?

    • A. Pottery Barn
    • B. IKEA
    • C. Walmart
    • D. Gucci
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    What did Ross famously shout as he helped move his new couch into his apartment?

    • A. Lift!
    • B. Pivot!
    • C. Push!
    • D. Move!
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    What was the name of the dog statue Joey bought with his Days of our Lives money?

    • A. Pat the dog
    • B. Max the dog
    • C. Sam the dog
    • D. Buddy the dog
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    What did Joey forget when he was a tour guide at Ross’s museum?

    • A. His lunch
    • B. The map
    • C. His script
    • D. His badge
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    What did Joey wear to Chandler and Monica’s wedding?

    • A. A chicken suit
    • B. A penguin suit
    • C. A WWII uniform
    • D. A space suit
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    In “The One Where No One’s Ready,” who got hummus on their dress?

    • A. Rachel
    • B. Phoebe
    • C. Monica
    • D. Ross
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    What did Phoebe find in a soda can?

    • A. A finger
    • B. A diamond
    • C. A hair
    • D. A bug
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    What song makes Ross and Rachel’s daughter, Emma, laugh for the first time?

    • A. Smelly Cat
    • B. Baby Got Back
    • C. Hotline Bling
    • D. I’ll Be There For You
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    Which character first found out about Monica and Chandler’s relationship?

    • A. Phoebe
    • B. Rachel
    • C. Ross
    • D. Joey
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    What is the name of Joey’s stuffed penguin?

    • A. Pingu
    • B. Hugsy
    • C. Flappy
    • D. Snuggly
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    What name does Ross give to his “Blackout” Thanksgiving leftover sandwich?

    • A. The Ross Special
    • B. The Tasty Ross
    • C. The Moist Maker
    • D. The Ross Treat
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    What fruit is Ross allergic to?

    • A. Peaches
    • B. Kiwis
    • C. Pineapple
    • D. Bananas

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