Best Friend Quiz: Are You Really Best Friends?

Put your friendship to the test with this trendy and interactive quiz to determine if you and your best friend truly share an unbreakable bond. Explore diverse and relevant questions to uncover the depth of your friendship in a fun and engaging way.


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    How comfortable are you discussing personal issues or problems with your best friend?

    • A. Completely comfortable; they’re my go-to person for support.
    • B. Mostly comfortable, but there are some topics I hesitate to discuss.
    • C. I’m not comfortable discussing personal issues with them.
    • D. I prefer to keep my problems to myself.
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    How would you describe the overall level of trust in your friendship?

    • A. Trust is the foundation of our friendship; it’s unbreakable.
    • B. There’s a good level of trust, but some doubts occasionally surface.
    • C. Trust is not a significant aspect of our friendship.
    • D. I’m not sure about the level of trust in our friendship.
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    How often do you and your best friend show appreciation for each other?

    • A. Regularly! We make a point to express our gratitude and appreciation.
    • B. Occasionally, when the moment feels right.
    • C. Rarely, we don’t often express our appreciation explicitly.
    • D. We don’t typically show appreciation for each other.
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    Have you and your best friend ever dressed up in matching outfits or costumes just for fun?

    • A. Yes, we love coordinating our outfits or dressing up together.
    • B. We’ve done it a couple of times for special occasions.
    • C. Dressing up isn’t our thing; we have different styles.
    • D. No, we haven’t dressed up in matching outfits.
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    How often do you and your best friend tag each other in funny or relatable posts on social media?

    • A. All the time! Our social media accounts are filled with tags.
    • B. Occasionally, when we come across something we know the other will enjoy.
    • C. Rarely, we’re not big on tagging each other on social media.
    • D. We don’t tag each other on social media.
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    How do you and your best friend handle conflicts or disagreements between yourselves?

    • A. We communicate openly and resolve conflicts maturely.
    • B. We try to find compromises and reach a middle ground.
    • C. We avoid conflicts or disagreements whenever possible.
    • D. We haven’t faced any conflicts or disagreements.
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    Do you and your best friend have shared inside jokes or references that only the two of you understand?

    • A. Absolutely! We have a long list of inside jokes and references.
    • B. We have a few inside jokes, but not too many.
    • C. We don’t have many inside jokes; our friendship is more straightforward.
    • D. We don’t have any inside jokes.
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    How well do you and your best friend know each other’s families?

    • A. We’re practically part of each other’s families.
    • B. We know each other’s families to a certain extent.
    • C. We’ve met each other’s families but not extensively.
    • D. I don’t know much about their family, and vice versa.
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    Have you and your best friend ever pulled off a hilarious prank together?

    • A. Yes, we’re the pranksters; we’ve had some epic pranks.
    • B. We’ve pulled off a few lighthearted pranks together.
    • C. Pranks aren’t really our thing; we prefer other activities.
    • D. No, we haven’t done any pranks together.
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    How long have you been friends?

    • A. Forever! We’ve been inseparable since day one.
    • B. Several years; our friendship has stood the test of time.
    • C. A few months; we’re still getting to know each other.
    • D. We recently became friends; the bond is still developing.
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    How often do you and your best friend communicate or stay in touch?

    • A. Constantly! We’re always texting, calling, or chatting.
    • B. Regularly, we make an effort to keep the communication alive.
    • C. Occasionally, we catch up when we have something to share.
    • D. Not very often, we’re not big on frequent communication.
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    Do you and your best friend have a signature song or a favorite song that reminds you of each other?

    • A. Yes, we have a special song that holds meaning for us.
    • B. We have a few favorite songs but nothing exclusive.
    • C. Music doesn’t play a significant role in our friendship.
    • D. We don’t have a signature or favorite song.
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    How well do you know your best friend’s favorite food or snack?

    • A. I know it by heart; I could order for them blindfolded.
    • B. I have a good idea but might need a reminder sometimes.
    • C. I’m not sure about their food preferences.
    • D. I don’t pay much attention to their favorite food.
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    Do you and your best friend support each other’s dreams and goals?

    • A. Absolutely! We’re each other’s biggest cheerleaders.
    • B. We support each other to a certain extent.
    • C. Not really, we have different interests and aspirations.
    • D. I’m not sure about their dreams and goals.
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    How much do you trust your best friend with your deepest secrets?

    • A. Completely! I know they would never betray my trust.
    • B. I trust them with most things but have some reservations.
    • C. I’m cautious about sharing my deepest secrets.
    • D. I don’t feel comfortable sharing my secrets with them.
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    Have you and your best friend ever had a major disagreement or argument? How did you resolve it?

    • A. Yes, we’ve had disagreements, but we always work it out.
    • B. We’ve had some minor arguments, but we find common ground.
    • C. We’ve had a major disagreement, but we’re still working on resolving it.
    • D. No, we haven’t had any disagreements or arguments.
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    How often do you and your best friend hang out or spend time together?

    • A. All the time! We’re practically joined at the hip.
    • B. We make an effort to hang out regularly.
    • C. Occasionally, whenever our schedules align.
    • D. Not very often; we’re both busy with our own lives.
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    Do you and your best friend have a secret handshake or a unique way of greeting each other?

    • A. Absolutely! Our secret handshake is epic.
    • B. We have a special greeting, but it’s not too elaborate.
    • C. We don’t have anything like that, just a regular hello.
    • D. No, we haven’t developed a special greeting yet.

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