Are You A BTS Girl Or A Stray Kids Girl?

Find your inner fangirl with this exciting quiz! Are you a BTS girl or a Stray Kids girl? Find out by answering these 15 fun and diverse questions designed just for you.


  • Question of

    Your favorite music video theme is:

    • A. Inspirational stories
    • B. Intense action
    • C. Aesthetic visuals
    • D. Emotional connections
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    Your ideal band member’s personality trait is:

    • A. Charismatic leader
    • B. Playful and mischievous
    • C. Thoughtful and intellectual
    • D. Sensitive and supportive
  • Question of

    Your favorite way to learn about your favorite group is through:

    • A. Reality shows
    • B. Variety shows
    • C. Interviews and articles
    • D. Fan forums and communities
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    Hold on, let’s talk fashion! Which style do you prefer on your favorite band?

    • A. Street style with a twist
    • B. Edgy and unique
    • C. Elegant and sophisticated
    • D. Casual and comfortable
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    When it comes to a concert, what type of stage do you enjoy the most?

    • A. Elaborate sets and effects
    • B. Powerful dance performances
    • C. Intimate acoustic stages
    • D. Dramatic storytelling
  • Question of

    Your favorite band’s lyrics mostly focus on:

    • A. Empowering messages
    • B. Personal growth and identity
    • C. Love and relationships
    • D. Social issues and self-awareness
  • Question of

    Are you ready for this? Your favorite choreography style is:

    • A. Synchronized and dynamic
    • B. Intense and intricate
    • C. Experimental and expressive
    • D. Graceful and emotional
  • Question of

    Here’s a curveball: Which kind of fan merchandise would you buy first?

    • A. Lightstick
    • B. Album
    • C. Poster
    • D. Clothing
  • Question of

    What kind of live event would you like to attend the most?

    • A. A concert with pyrotechnics
    • B. A fan meet-and-greet
    • C. A music showcase
    • D. An intimate fan meeting
  • Question of

    Your favorite band member is best known for their:

    • A. Vocals
    • B. Dance skills
    • C. Rap skills
    • D. Songwriting talent
  • Question of

    Alright, fangirl time! Which type of social media content do you love seeing from your favorite group?

    • A. Behind-the-scenes videos
    • B. Live broadcasts
    • C. Photoshoots
    • D. Inspirational quotes
  • Question of

    What kind of fandom culture do you prefer?

    • A. Enthusiastic and supportive
    • B. United and organized
    • C. Creative and artistic
    • D. Informative and respectful
  • Question of

    Which milestone for your favorite group would make you the proudest?

    • A. International awards
    • B. Album sales records
    • C. Charity work and philanthropy
    • D. Unique and innovative projects
  • Question of

    Your favorite group’s fashion style in a music video is:

    • A. Bold and colorful
    • B. Dark and mysterious
    • C. Classy and timeless
    • D. Casual and relatable
  • Question of

    What kind of collaboration would you be most excited about?

    • A. With an international artist
    • B. With another popular K-pop group
    • C. With a well-known producer
    • D. With a legendary Korean artist

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