Understanding The Endangered Species Act?

How much do you really know about the Endangered Species Act and the protection of our planet’s precious wildlife? In this interactive and eye-opening quiz, learn and challenge your knowledge about this critical environmental legislation.


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    Is climate change recognized as a threat to species under the Act?

    • A. Yes
    • B. No
    • C. Only for certain species
    • D. The Act doesn’t mention climate change
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    How are endangered species helped under the Act?

    • A. A recovery plan is developed
    • B. They’re moved to zoos
    • C. Their population is artificially increased
    • D. They’re moved to a new habitat
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    Who can propose a species to be added to the Endangered Species List?

    • A. Anyone
    • B. Only scientists
    • C. Only government officials
    • D. Only members of environmental NGOs
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    Are foreign species protected under the Act?

    • A. Yes
    • B. No
    • C. Only if they have a significant impact on US ecosystems
    • D. Only if they’re also found in the US
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    Now, what happens if a species is labeled as ‘extinct’?

    • A. It is removed from the Endangered Species List
    • B. More funds are allocated for its protection
    • C. Its habitat is converted for human use
    • D. It’s celebrated as a day of mourning
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    Which government department is primarily responsible for enforcing the Endangered Species Act?

    • A. Department of Commerce
    • B. Department of the Interior
    • C. Department of Agriculture
    • D. Department of Energy
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    Are plants protected under the Endangered Species Act?

    • A. Yes
    • B. No
    • C. Only in certain ecosystems
    • D. The Act doesn’t mention plants
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    Can a species be listed as endangered in one region and not in another?

    • A. Yes
    • B. No
    • C. Only in extreme cases
    • D. The Act doesn’t clarify this
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    Do you know which president signed the Act into law?

    • A. Richard Nixon
    • B. Jimmy Carter
    • C. Ronald Reagan
    • D. George Bush
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    When was the Endangered Species Act signed into law?

    • A. 1973
    • B. 1980
    • C. 1969
    • D. 1978
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    What happens if a person violates the Endangered Species Act?

    • A. They get a warning
    • B. They have to pay a fine
    • C. They receive community service
    • D. Nothing, it’s not enforced
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    Gotcha, now tell us how many species have been delisted due to recovery since the Act’s inception?

    • A. Over 50
    • B. Less than 20
    • C. Around 100
    • D. More than 200
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    Okay smarty pants, can you tell us what the ultimate goal of the Endangered Species Act is?

    • A. To bring about the extinction of harmful species
    • B. To ensure survival and recovery of species in their natural habitats
    • C. To encourage people to adopt endangered species as pets
    • D. To promote hunting as a conservation method
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    The Endangered Species Act also protects the habitats of endangered species. True or false?

    • A. True
    • B. False
    • C. It depends on the species
    • D. Only in marine environments
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    What action does the Endangered Species Act prohibit?

    • A. Trading of endangered species
    • B. Feeding endangered species
    • C. Visiting zoos
    • D. Taking wildlife photography
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    Wow, you’re really into this! Tell us, which of these animals were saved from extinction due to the Endangered Species Act?

    • A. Bald Eagle
    • B. African Elephant
    • C. Giant Panda
    • D. Blue Whale
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    What does it mean when a species is labeled as ‘threatened’?

    • A. It is likely to become endangered soon
    • B. It is extinct in the wild
    • C. It is decreasing in population but not critically
    • D. It is completely extinct
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    Who signs an animal or plant species onto the Endangered Species List?

    • A. The President
    • B. The US Fish and Wildlife Service
    • C. Animal Rights Activists
    • D. State Government Officials

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